DHL Express Macedonia Increases Its Transport Capacity With Boeing 737-400SF Aircraft

Since July 5, 2021, DHL Express Macedonia, the largest courier company in the field of express transport and logistics, has increased the capacity of its fleet in Macedonia. For the first time at Skopje Airport, the 36.4 meter DHL Express BOEING 737-400SF aircraft with 23 tons capacity, flew in. This aircraft will operate 5 days a week, and twice a day will connect Macedonia with the rest of the world. The modern aircraft meets all current EU standards in the field of safety and sustainability, and it will support the company in achieving its global goal: reducing emissions by 50% by the year 2025.

Since 2001, DHL Express Macedonia has been connected by daily direct flight to Skopje, at first with L-410 aircraft with 1.5 tons capacity, and since 2010 it has been connected daily to the international DHL network with its own An-26 aircraft, with 5 tons capacity. From now on, thanks to the new investment in the cargo aircraft BOEING 737-400SF with higher capacity and advanced technology, the customers from Macedonia will have the standard transit performance (overnight delivery) with the EU countries and the world, regardless of the size and weight of their shipments, at their disposal.

This provides huge opportunities for all companies in Macedonia, to expand and develop their businesses around the world. It is offering a possibility for cheaper, but also fast and safe transport of heavy or oversized cargo shipments (airport to airport), which was not the case in the past due to the limited capacity of the previous DHL aircraft, and because the commercial flights that arrived at Skopje Airport are with a small capacity, intended for personal luggage.

The improved flight schedule (early arrival in the morning and later departure in the evening), significantly improves the daily service performance for DHL customers in Macedonia, offering them to import their shipments earlier in the day, and to send the export shipments later in the afternoon.

As an equal member of the DHL Worldwide Network, DHL Express Macedonia was established with 100% foreign capital and has been part of the DHL global network for 28 years. With a dominant market share in the field of courier transport, DHL Express Macedonia is an indispensable partner to over 5000 companies and institutions in Macedonia, as part of their international communication.

DHL Express Macedonia employs 75 professionally trained specialists and a fleet of over 20 vehicles, that enables smooth operation and complete coverage of the entire established work processes, synced with the entire DHL network.

During the door-to-door service, the shipments do not leave the DHL distribution network even for a moment. The status of the shipment is transparent in real-time and detailed data on the delivery of the shipments can be obtained.

DHL’s fleet provides the fastest delivery time for shipments to and from Macedonia, ensuring the highest security transport of the shipments. All import-export and transit procedures are performed fast by the professional brokerage team of DHL Express Macedonia.

DHL Service Center, with its contemporary systems, improved work processes and completion of all activities at one place, is shortening the duration of ground operations, is increasing the quality of customs mediation and security.

Recently, DHL enriched its city courier fleet with 100% electric vehicles. As part of the global campaign of DP DHL, under the name GO GREEN, the city routes in Skopje will be served by vehicles with ZERO emissions.

DHL Express is the first logistics company in Macedonia to receive the TAPA (Technology Asset Protection Association) certification, the highest recognition for security level in logistics.

DHL Worldwide Network

In 1969, three enthusiasts, Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn, started express post airline business, responding to the need of companies to provide fast and economical document transfers. It was the beginning of the brilliant and rapid growth that turned DHL into the largest courier company in the world.

The DHL Group’s system transports more than 400 million shipments per year, to more than 220 countries and territories, with a team of over 100,000 professionally trained specialists, and its own fleet of over 260 aircraft and over 36,000 vehicles.

Caring for nature and the environment is an integral part of DHL’s strategy: pollution mitigation measures are applied in all segments of operation – modern aircraft (according to ICAO Chapter 3), EUR4 catalytic vehicles, use of prefabricated packaging.

In addition to the refreshed corporate look under the Deutsche Post cap, red-yellow, DHL is the world’s largest and leading express and logistics company, offering innovative and customized solutions. With worldwide expertise in solutions, express, air and sea freight and land transport, DHL combines global coverage, with essential knowledge and expertise, in local markets. 

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