DHL uses 100% Second Life, Eco packaging

Recently, DHL offered its customers innovative, recycled and eco-friendly packaging for smaller shipments, called “DHL Eco Flyer”. This Flyer is made of recycled materials, where the transformation process uses renewable energy, zero water, no acid or bleaches, and it does not generate any pollution to the environment.

The DHL Eco Flyer can be reused as a DHL packaging item and, where the industrial technology exists, can be recycled together with heavier soft plastics. Even if it is left unattended in sunlight, the limestone content will degrade naturally to a non-toxic dust, back to where it came from. This 0% virgin plastic flyer is 100% Second Life & 100% Reusable.

Apart from this initiative, DHL Express as a pioneer and leader in sustainable logistics, through its global campaign “Go Green” replaced its city fleet with fully electric vehicles last year, clearly showing its commitment towards its goals to reduce emissions, achieve fully sustainable business and improve the environment.

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