Donation of OKTA – Photovoltaic Power Plant in Ilinden

Skopje, 19.10.2023 – OKTA AD – Skopje realized another donation, as part of the announced activities with which the company commemorates its 45th anniversary. This time, a photovoltaic plant with a total installed power of 15 kW (kilowatts) has been installed on the roof structure of the Primary School „Goce Delchev “in the municipality of Ilinden, designed according to the school’s annual electricity consumption.

With this, third consecutive donation of a photovoltaic power plant intended for an educational institution, OKTA highlights its strategic commitment towards renewable energy sources. Through the implementation of this activity, the company completes this year’s plan for supporting educational institutions in the country and providing them with renewable energy, which will contribute to their greater energy independence and significant savings. Additionally, the donation is an opportunity for students to gain direct knowledge about the benefits of using clean energy, sustainable development and environmental protection “– said PhD Risto Janevski, Director of Energy Planning & Development at OKTA.

The photovoltaic power plant of „Goce Delchev“ in Ilinden is expected to annually produce up to 21.5 MWh/year, which will cover a significant part of the needs of this facility for electricity.

OKTA has once again proven that it is a socially responsible member of the community, but also a good neighbor that takes care of the real needs of its fellow citizens. With this donation, it is possible to continuously save funds for the municipality and reduce the costs of the school, and free up funds for further improvement of the educational process, from which the children and their parents will have the ultimate benefit. We are grateful for this donation to OKTA, which should be an example of what it means to be responsible towards the environment in which we live and work “- said the mayor of the Municipality of Ilinden, Mr. Aleksandar Georgievski.

 With this donation in the municipality of Ilinden, OKTA completes the annual plan for the donation of 3 photovoltaic power plants intended for educational institutions in the country. In the meantime, as part of the activities to mark the anniversary, OKTA is in the final stages of the donation of a solar charger and bicycle parking, in the UKIM campus, and is also working on the realization of a significant investment for the construction of a photovoltaic plant with an installed capacity of 12 MW in the company circle.

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