Donations By Bimilk To Help The Ministry Of Health In The Fight Against COVID-19

Following the state of emergency in the country, Bitolska Mlekara, in order to support state institutions, paid the total advance payment of profit tax for the current year in the amount of 15 million denars in advance. Coming forward, the company provided financial assistance to the Ministry of Health for service and reparation of the respiratory care equipment needed for the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje. A donation of funds and purchase of two patient monitors was realized in the Clinical Hospital Bitola. Products for the most vulnerable groups of citizens, are delivered through the Red Cross Bitola and the SOS Children’s village. For the citizens of the crisis region in Debar and Centar Zupa in the most critical moments, the company submitted a donation of 3 thousand liters of yogurt.

“The current situation and the COVID-19 crisis have turned our focus towards the commitment of the healthcare professionals and we have allocated financial aid and assistance to support the most urgent needs of the Ministry of Health. In these moments we all need to act together and show unity with all state and social processes. We also appeal to our fellow citizens to protect themselves, stay home and stay safe, so that this crisis can be over soon”, said the CEO of Bimilk, Gjorgji Petrushev.

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