Ecotip Starts a New Collaboration with a U.S. Leader in the Solar Energy Industry

At a time when the world is beginning its energy revolution and expanding its efforts to find fossil fuel alternatives through renewable energy, Ecotip has started cooperation with Enphase Energy*, one of the most successful American companies for solar technology.

Mr. Ilija Andreevski, the owner of Ecotip, believes that partnering with a leading brand in the solar energy industry, such as Enphase, is the natural next step for his company, which is recognized for its ecological and self-sustainable air and water filtration solutions. “The high natural potential of our country for the use of solar energy dictates the need for high-quality products and the creation of more experts in this field. Most importantly, the business community also recognizes this need, as it demonstrates a significant interest in energy independence with Enphase technology.” added Mr. Andreevski. “

Enphase microinverter solar systems are now accessible on our market through Ecotip, which provides a great opportunity for both businesses and households who aspire to be a part of the technology that will be relevant in the next decades.

*Enphase is a California-based company that, among other things, manufactures high-quality solar microinverters and owns one of the most successful and safe microinverter technologies in the world.

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