Ecotip’s BlueAir Purifier Eliminates Airborne Covis-19 Particles

Leading air purifier brand BlueAir has recently announced that independent tests of the Blueair Health Protect 7400 have confirmed that it completely removes live coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) from the air. Thus, the air purifier Blueair Health Protect is officially the first in the world that has been proven to destroy the live coronavirus from indoor air.

The Bluer Health Protect test was conducted by the independent non-profit research organization MRI Global (MRIGlobal) under controlled laboratory conditions, which confirmed the results. In addition to destroying the coronavirus indoors, the Bluer purifier is the only one that provides 24/7 protection against all other viruses and bacteria, so that staying at home and at work is completely safe and secure for human health.

This revolutionary purifier is also available in Macedonia, through the authorized distributor, the company “Ecotip”.

“Blueair is a leading brand in the world that has been using the most innovative Swedish technologies for 25 years to provide clean and safe air for everyone. The success of the applied technologies is always subject to an independent examination by third parties in order to obtain objective and relevant results. In a period of the pandemic, human health is a top priority, so we wanted to offer purifiers that can be trusted with a real guarantee to protect from the coronavirus”, says Ilija Andreevski, General Manager of the company Ecotip.

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