Euromax Resources Donates Equipment For The Public Health Institutions

Due to the enormous growth of the infected cases with COVID-19, particularly in the Strumica Region, Euromax Resources, as corporate and social responsibility company, has taken an active role in supporting the health system by providing donations to local health institutions in Strumica.

Euromax financed the purchase of a laminar chamber. By purchasing this equipment, now the Centre for Public Health in Strumica is fully equipped to perform a full scope of COVID-19 tests in Strumica of round 100,000 residents from the Strumica Region. This represents a significant support to the health system in the country in general, because with having such equipment, new infected cases of COVID-19 would be quickly identified and an appropriate prevention can follow, in order to protect further expansion of COVID-19 in the entire Strumica Region. Previously, samples were taken in Strumica, but testing was done in Skopje, which required a certain time for getting results, and taking upon actions on a timely manner.

Laminar Chamber donated by Euromax Resources

The Director of Centre for public health, Petre Vitanov stated: “We have an equipment that could be used for performing tests for COVID-19, but without this laminar chamber we were not able to use it. Until now, the full scope of tests for COVID-19 were performed in the Institute for public health in Skopje, and few days were required for getting the results. This donation from Euromax Resources enables us to perform these test for COVID-19 in Strumica, and the results to be available on a timely manner, allowing us to take proper steps toward prevention and stopping the expansion of the virus.

In addition, Euromax donated masks and suits/clothes for protection of the medical staff that works in the Health Institution “Zdravstven Dom” Strumica.

The Director of the Health Institution, Ljubica Miteva stated: “Today, in the midst of the economic crisis caused from the COVID-19 pandemic, Euromax Resources shown its humanity and solidarity by providing donations of masks and protection suits/clothes for the medical staff of “Zdravstven Dom” Strumica. This donation for personal protection of the medical staff is necessary for the measures for prevention of further spreading of COVID-19.

The Director for corporate communications of Euromax Resources, Zivko Gruevski said: “We truly believe that these donations would provide significant support to the health system in the country, which as final goal would be protecting the health of all local residents. With that said, the management of Euromax Resources has a strong intention to continue. In the period of three years once construction activities are started, Euromax Resources will further support the local community by providing annual funds of approximately one million euros used for financing local projects for improving the living standard in the Strumica Region”.

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