EVN Macedonia Continues With Service Digitalization

EVN Macedonia continues to digitalize its services by introducing a new service for online registration of meter consumptions. From now on, users will be able to send to EVN the data on electricity consumption in high and low tariffs from their meter and based on these data to receive an electricity invoice. This feature is especially useful in cases when customers’ meters, for whatever reason, have not been read and therefore invoices with assumed consumption are prepared (emergencies, inaccessibility to the meter, annual vacations, etc.). The procedure for reporting consumption through evnonline.mk is easy and fast, without the need for profile registration. First enter the customer number and a serial number of the meter, basic data that any user can find on the first page of any invoice. Then, the customer should read and enter the meter electricity consumption in high and low tariffs. Finally, basic contact information is entered. According to the reported consumption, the invoice will be prepared for the customer in the regular invoicing period to which the customer belongs. When reading their own meter, customers should first make sure that they are looking at their meter, and this is done by comparing the serial number of the meter from the invoice with the one of the meters itself. Furthermore, to correctly enter a consumption value, depending on the meter type, the user of evnonline.mk can see a detailed manual for a meter reading. It is very important for users to be careful when comparing the consumption values of the delivered invoice with the current consumption values of the meter. The extraordinary measures for prevention of the spread of the coronavirus have shown that it is very important that customers have the opportunity to receive services remotely, without having to visit the company’s premises. In addition to the latest service, through evnonline.mk users can apply for an electronic invoice, quickly pay bills without registration and commission, and create a profile of “My EVN Home” for one or more measuring points for additional options such as payment and insight into debt, payment history, download copies of invoices from the last 12 months.

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