Halkbank With An Action For Planting 9.200 New Trees

Halkbank is actively investing in improving the ecological environment for current and future generations. Globally, the company is part of the Priceless planet coalition with Mastercard, which aims to plant 100 million trees worldwide over the next 5 years. Halkbank started its mission for a green planet a few years ago and so far it has donated over 25,000 seedlings to us, but it has also realized numerous activities within its “HalkEco” platform. In the last afforestation campaign, in which Halkbank employees participated, 9,200 trees were planted in the vicinity of Kumanovo.

The HalkEco platform promotes a modern, healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle. At the heart of the platform is the HalkEco app, which encourages users to lead a healthy lifestyle, reduce CO2 emissions and get involved in protecting greenery. So far, users of the application have traveled more than 701,681 kilometers on foot, running, cycling or scooting, thus planting more than 8,771 new trees and reducing emissions by over 88,806 kilograms of CO2. The HalkEco mobile application and its 6,469 users continue to enable the bank to plant even more trees on their behalf.

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