HalkEco – An Action That Strengthens Environmental Awareness And Creates Positive Habits

HalkBank’s HalkEco application is increasingly becoming a tool for raising environmental awareness and afforestation green areas. Citizens are increasingly using it and becoming more physically active, contributing to Halkbank planting trees.

The Bank, through its application, encourages citizens to engage in any physical activity: hiking, running, cycling or trotting, and in response to their efforts, Halkbank is planting trees that together contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. Every 80 kilometers, as a total physical activity of all persons using the application and registered in it, the bank is planting one tree. In this way both the bank and the citizens become responsible for the environment and contribute to mass afforestation and planting of trees.

By encouraging citizens to engage in more physical activity, everyone who downloads the app will also receive HalkCoins when activated and used in any physical activity. It has already brought valuable gifts to the seven most active users – electric scooters and bicycles. Three of those who had the most use of the app and had already collected 2000 HalkCoins were awarded the first electric scooters, and another four with 1500 HalkCoins each received bicycles. Moreover, the bank, through valuable financial incentives for its services at the value of the HalkCoins collected, motivates citizens to be physically active instead of using a vehicle or public transport.

As a result of the citizens’ activity, trees are constantly planted where needed. So far, trees have been planted in the elementary schools Dimitar Miladinov-Skopje, Jan Amos Komenski-Skopje, Goce Delchev – Bitola, Todor Angelevski – Bitola, Aleksandar Turundziev, Petar Musev-Bogdanci, Brothers Miladinovci–Zvan, Krste Misirkov-Kumanovo, Partenie Zografski–Kisela Voda, Naim Frasheri-Studenicani, Gostivar’s Gymnasium, Dr. Vladimir Polezhinoski-Kicevo, Zef Ljush Marku and Mirce Acev-Skopje.

In the future, the planting of new trees will continue in locations where reforestation is required.

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