Infectious Disease Unit Improved With Euromax Donation

Strumica, April 8, 2021 – PHI General Hospital – Strumica equipped the Infectious Diseases Unit with 25 new hospital beds and 25 sets of equipment for oxygen flows, the donation given on the World Health Day, intended for the hospitalized patients with Covid-19. The new equipment improves the conditions of the Infectious Diseases Unit. The patients, who have so far been placed in the adapted covid center in the surgical unit, will be transferred next week to the Infectious Diseases Unit, where the necessary adaptations of the space needed for the patients’ care have been made. According to Katerina Kuzmanovska, the director of PHI General Hospital – Strumica, the available beds in the surgical unit will remain available were used before, so actually with this donation from Euromax Resources, the hospital improves the conditions and capacities for intensive treatment of the Covid 19 patients in the Infectious Diseases Unit.

“In the past period, we have implemented several activities to adapt the space in order to have more adequate conditions for the treatment of patients with Covid 19. The Infectious Diseases Unit for patients which is on the second floor of the hospital made it difficult for us to transport oxygen to the beds, but we have now implemented a central oxygen supply from the new surgical unit to the Infectious Diseases Unit. We are very grateful for the donation by Euromax Resources, for the procurement of 25 sets of equipment for oxygen flows for all 25 hospital beds and for the new hospital beds. I hope that with the procurement of liquid oxygen that is underway, these days, we will be able to put the Infectious Diseases Unit into operation. We receive the patients who come for daily therapy in the modular hospital, where we have 36 beds, and at the moment we have 86 patients in the hospital for daily treatment with the option of observation and hospitalization in the modular hospital where we formed duty teams the day before” said the director Kuzmanovska after receiving the donation.

The hospital has already reorganized the medical staff to meet the needs for treatment of the patients, and according to the hospital director, in a few days, the patients will be accommodated in the renovated unit.

Zhivko Gruevski, responsible person for communication and public relations at Euromax Resources said: “Today’s donation is just another reminder that the battle with the dangerous virus is the responsibility of all of us, because last year in one way or another, we all experienced the battle with the invisible enemy. We have given up many of the things we thought were secured, such as friendships, education is now online, we work remotely, the celebrations are within the close family, and we will live like this until the virus intensity is reduced.

“The pressure on the Health System, ie on health professionals has not decreased. That is why investing in activities to maintain the health of citizens, especially in the fight against the dangerous coronavirus, is the responsibility of all of us. For the past year, we have been trying to maintain continuous communication with the health institutions in Strumica and help where it is most needed. We are already talking about new investments in improving the conditions of the hospital, such as procurement of medicine cabinets, complete renovation of some departments in the hospital, whitewashing, etc. These activities are part of the new program of activities that should contribute to improving the overall living in Strumica and the surrounding area. The program involves numerous activities within the municipalities where our employees come from, Bosilovo, Novo Selo, and Vasilevo, but they will positively affect the living conditions of all residents” said Gruevski.

In the times when the whole world is facing a global pandemic of epic proportions, Gruevski added “it is deeply humane for all of us to take part of the responsibility – to strictly adhere to the individual protection measures, to be vaccinated, and most importantly, everywhere and in every possible way to help the health institutions and the health workers who fight for our health with superhuman efforts.”

The hospital in Strumica in the past period, in addition to the patients from Strumica and the surrounding municipalities of Bosilovo, Novo Selo, and Vasilevo, also receives patients from Valandovo, Gevgelija, and Radovish.

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