Makedonski Telekom Donated Internet For Distance Learning For 30 000 Children From Families At Social Risk

In cooperation with the Ministry of Information Society and the Ministry of Education and Science, Makedonski Telekom will enable the children from vulnerable social categories to be involved in the process of online learning by the end of the school year.

More than 30,000 students from our country, who come from families at social risk, will receive mobile Internet in order to follow the mandatory online teaching process.

“One of the biggest priorities in the state of emergency is the provision of unhindered education for the children. We have an obligation to not only provide a strong and stable Internet connection, but to also contribute to equal learning conditions for all children. The inclusion of the vulnerable categories in the digital world is a responsibility of everyone, especially now that the only road we move along is online”, said Nikola Ljushev.

The donation is intended for primary and secondary school students, and the Internet can only be used for the teaching programs of the Ministry of Education and Science.

In Macedonia, about 30,000 children come from families at social risk and do not have the basic means needed in order to study electronically. This is a step forward in addressing the challenge of providing equal digital learning conditions for all children.

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