Makstil Renovated The Neonatology Department Of The Clinic For Children

The neonatology department of the Clinic for Children’s Diseases has been completely renovated by the company “Makstil” and the necessary equipment and appliances have been procured.

An area of 400 square meters was reconstructed as well as phototherapy equipment was procured, which enables better functioning of the department, only one of its kind in the country. The donation is in the amount of 35 thousand euros.

The donation enables more efficient functioning of the department for premature babies with difficulties, and all construction works as well as the installation of equipment and appliances are performed in accordance with the standards for operation of health facilities. This donation goes to a place where there is a real need for help. The purpose of this donation was to improve the conditions in this department so that it can function flawlessly. Our donation was directed in this part, to give a chance to the little fighters to win the first battle in life, said Ivan Banovski, General Manager of “Makstil”.

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