Nextsense Donates Medical Equipment To The University Clinic For Infectious Diseases And Febrile Conditions In Skopje

For effective fight against the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, Nextsense donates the medical equipment necessary for the operation of the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje.

Faced with the serious challenge of dealing with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare is in an extremely sensitive condition, when solidarity is precious to us all. In these difficult times for the whole community, we all need to find a way to express our solidarity, support and contribution in handling this emergency.

Supporting all health professionals in their dedication and commitment to take care of all citizens, in order to provide the necessary equipment for effective management of the health condition affecting the whole society, Nextsense in consultation with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of North Macedonia, donates Mobile Diagnostic Ultrasound System, necessary for mobile diagnostics at the PHI University Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions at the “Mother Teresa Clinic Center” in Skopje.

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