Оkta And Its Employees Conducted An Eco-action And Donated Air Purifiers

OKTA together with its employees donated air purifiers at the Children’s Clinic in Skopje, through an organized eco-action for collecting electrical and electronic waste. The eco activity was conducted in March, before the outbreak of the crisis caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2, with its main goal to raise awareness about the need for proper handling of electrical and electronic waste, at the same time improving the conditions of the Hematology-oncology Department at the Children’s Clinic in Skopje.

The collection of the small appliances was efficiently implemented by placing special boxes at several locations in OKTA’s premises, while the large appliances were collected directly from the employees’ homes. The funds collected in return for the e-waste were used to purchase air purifiers, that the company donated to the Hematology-oncology Department at the Children’s Clinic in Skopje.  

The campaign for proper waste selection and collection was carried out in cooperation with Nula Otpad, an organization certified to handle electrical and electronic waste.  

The conducted activity is in line with OKTA’s CSR strategy, and it is part of the company’s commitment to protect the environment and support the community.

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