OKTA Donates 50,000 Euros To Support The Health System

Through a donation of medical equipment in the amount of 50.000 euros, OKTA will support the health system in combating the epidemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The company has already procured a video bronchoscope as well as 16 infusion pumps, which were referred by the Ministry of Health as part of the essentials at the moment. The devices will be delivered to the Infective Clinic in Skopje these days.

“At a time when it is really difficult to find adequate medical equipment globally, we as a company have made every effort to provide these devices as quickly as possible. Combating the coronavirus is not only the responsibility of the healthcare professionals but all stakeholders in the society. That’s why OKTA as a socially responsible company has helped directly in the health sector which is making great efforts to tackle the virus and rescue people infected with COVID-19”, said Vuk Radovic, Chief Executive Officer of OKTA.

OKTA fully adheres to the recommendations of the competent institutions for the prevention of coronavirus and monitors the developments on a daily basis, while ensuring uninterrupted supply of liquid fuels to the country in these difficult times.

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