Pakomak Installed The First Reverse Vending Machines

Our member Pakomak shows its proactiveness in encouraging citizens to solidify their recycling habits, by installing the very first reverse vending machines on three key locations in Skopje.

Using these machines – the so-called SmartBins, located in Vero Jumbo, Vero Taftalidze, and Vero Aerodrom, people can return cans and plastic bottles, in exchange for “green points”, that can be used when shopping or simply when paying bills and public services. In such a way, citizens will be reimbursed with the real value of the material they recycle, which is the same amount as they would get anywhere in the world.

With this activity, Pakomak is a step closer to completing its long-term plan that includes installation of such machines throughout the whole territory of our country, using an incentive system that rewards citizens who responsibly dispose of waste, through rewards, discounts, or other benefits. This project is an example of a well-established partnership between industry, government, and NGOs united behind a common goal – a World Without Waste, representing a true example of taking steps toward achieving sustainability objectives.

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