Pivara Skopje Opens First E-Shop

Following the customers’ needs and habits imposed by the covid pandemic, but also, driven by the digitalization and opportunities that e-commerce can offer, Pivara Skopje opened its first e-shop, designed to provide its customers with simple and fast access to their favorite brands via highly secure payment system.

Opening such an e-shop is just one segment of the company’s development plan, where digitalization and innovations, in general, are set out high on their strategic agenda. Additionally, as part of such agenda, it also, includes the implementation of digital technologies in terms of product data storage, by using voice commands that are created to ease the everyday work to their commercial agents, so they can have more time to pay attention to their customers.

According to Goran Sladic, the General Manager of Pivara Skopje – “All these activities implemented so far, enable Pivara Skopje to remain fast, available and flexible to the upcoming changes, especially to those imposed with the covid pandemic”.

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