Pivara Skopje Presents Heineken Non-Alcoholic Beer

Lovers of the well-known and unique taste of Heineken have another reason to be happy: Heineken 0.0 has arrived with zero alcohol and 100% recognizable Heineken taste.

The latest beer brand in the range of Pivara Skopje – Heineken 0.0 is a refreshing non-alcoholic lager beer that allows you to enjoy the world-famous Heineken quality anytime and anywhere. The pleasure is really great because Heineken 0.0 recommend #NowYouCan, offering beer lovers an additional option for enjoying without alcohol.

Enriching its portfolio of beers, Pivara Skopje is doing it at the right moment, recognizing the need for development of the category of non-alcoholic beers on the Macedonian market and the need of consumers for a new and fresh experience.

“Heineken 0.0 is coming at the right time. Our goal with Heineken 0.0 is to offer a different enjoyment, free from the restrictions that alcohol consumption can impose, and still enjoy a real taste of premium quality beer. By expanding the portfolio in the segment of premium non-alcoholic beers, we encourage the development of this category which is in its initial stage and at the same time we continue to promote responsible consumption. Our strategy for successful positioning of Heineken 0.0 in the market is based primarily on building brand awareness and recognition and creating new circumstances for consumption wherever there is potential, because Heineken 0.0 opens a whole new world of opportunities for different categories of consumers.” said Commercial Manager of Pivara Skopje, Slobodan Vidic.

Heineken 0.0 has a perfectly balanced taste derived from 100% natural ingredients and a unique recipe made by beer masters, as a result of their many years of research. It contains only 21 calories per 100 milliliters, which means that one can of non-alcoholic Heineken of 0.33l. has only 69 calories.

Many consumers today and tomorrow will have the opportunity to try Heineken 0.0 at several “Destination 0.0” promotional locations around Skopje, which kept the public in suspense for several days. People on social networks and online media talked, wrote and guessed what it was about, and finally today all those who followed Google’s “Destination 0.0” come to some of the locations and see the great taste of the non-alcoholic Heineken 0.0. Otherwise, Heineken 0.0 is already available, so all beer lovers can now enjoy its taste, whenever and wherever they want.

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