Pivara Skopje Won The Highest Accolades Of The Ministry Of Economy For The Youth Education And Ethics Management Projects

Pivara Skopje won important awards for best socially responsible practices awarded by the Ministry of Economy and the National Coordinative Body for Social Responsibility. In the category “Investing in the community” Pivara Skopje won the highest award – Statuette for best socially responsible practice for 2019 for the implementation of the long-term project for free training for young people “Skills for Success“, while in the category “Ethical management” for the project “Training of Employees for Ethical Management” the company was awarded a Plaque. The company also received recognition for the third project applying for this year’s awards for best socially responsible practices, for the implementation of the project for improving the wellbeing of the employees in the framework of the Program for shaping the company culture of Pivara Skopje.

“We are extremely happy and proud of these important awards and we perceive them as a verification of the continuous, long-term efforts and investments of our company and all of its employees to achieve the goals of sustainable development and the prosperity of the community where we belong. All of our socially responsible activities and platforms are continuously implemented throughout the whole operation of Pivara Skopje in many different areas, such as: education and youth development, providing a clean environment and protecting water resources, promoting health and safety, moderate and responsible consumption, affirmation of gender equality, promotion of ethical standards in business and other areas of great importance for social development and quality of life the whole community,” said Lambro Patche, Manager of public relations and communications in Pivara Skopje thanking for the awards.

In the past four years of the implementation of the Project for Free Trainings for Youth “Skills for Success”, for which Pivara Skopje was awarded the Statuette for Best Social Responsibility, over 2.800 young people in the country have had the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge that will make it easier for them to get jobs or start their own businesses. One of the indicators for the success of these trainings is the fact that 36% of the trainees managed to find a job during the first year after the training.

“The results and investments we make in a number of areas where we operate would not have been possible without the enormous support and leadership of the Coca-Cola HBC and HEINEKEN groups that our company belongs to, as well as the cooperation and partnership of many institutions, CSOs and associates, and especially the employees and members of the management team of Pivara Skopje who are always willing on a voluntary basis to get involved and make their personal contribution in the creation and implementation of the activities,” Patche emphasized.

Social responsibility and sustainable development are an integral part of the overall operation of Pivara Skopje. The company’s efforts and its approach to buyers, customers, employees, suppliers, the community and other stakeholders are clearly defined and described in all strategic documents and company policies. To meet the goals of sustainable development, the company sets its own indicators and targets that are in line with the objectives of the Coca-Cola HBC and HEINEKEN corporations, as well as the United Nations’ global sustainability goals.

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