Replacing the Office with an Ecological Activity – Komercijalna Banka Realized “Clean Habit 2023” Action

By collecting over 200 bags of waste and with the cooperation of the team of over 180 employees, Komercijalna Banka realized the eco-action “Clean Habit 2023” and showed that care for the environment and volunteerism for good and common goals are values that we deeply value and proudly promote.

Our satisfaction with this eco-action when we cleaned in the central area of the city of Skopje is even greater because employees from KB Prvo Penzisko Drustvo, KB Publikum Invest and from the EPP Communications marketing agency joined Bank’s employees in these activities. Furthermore, Pacomak Company provided cleaning and waste collection equipment.

The concern for a cleaner and healthier environment has motivated our eco-team to spend two hours within their working hours cleaning the environment, our second home; and of course, set an example and encourage greater responsibility and awareness of the need to protect the environment, without which we cannot strive for global sustainable development.

Komercijalna Banka has accepted and maintained the principles of sustainable development in all its activities and also demonstrates them through socially responsible activities, because there is no other choice when it comes to providing a healthy environment.

We are especially proud that this is not only a corporate determination of the Bank, but also a personal awareness and responsibility of each of our employees. We all contribute together to facilitate the achievement of the desired goal.

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