SASA Honors Mining Day With Employee Rewards And A Significant Donation

Despite the challenges and restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, SASA Mine marked the occurrence of Miners’ Day – August 28th, by giving all 705 employees gifts and monetary rewards, and gave out special awards to 122 employees for their exemplary job performance and outstanding contribution to safety and health at work.

Besides honoring its employees for this special occurrence, SASA donated over 120,000 dollars for the construction of a new park – “Mladost” in Makedonska Kamenica through its Foundation for Support of Sustainable Development. The construction of the park began on June 12th of this year, marking the 15th anniversary of the reopening of the mine.

 “All of us in the SASA team are pleased that despite all the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, we managed to safely maintain production and, with the support of our investors – Central Asia Metals, to continue investing in modern mining equipment and technology, in improving the safety and digitalization of technical processes, in raising the standards and working conditions of the mine, as well as in the well-being and professional development of all our employees. Of course, we are extremely proud of the large number of community support projects we have implemented in the past, as well as those that are planned for the future, in the field of education, sports, environment, health care, and vulnerable social groups. In the next period, we will continue to invest in all segments that would ensure optimal functioning of SASA in the long run, as well as in additional employment, and we will continue to invest in all areas that are important for the long-term prosperity of people and the local community.” – said SASA General Manager, Scott Yelland, congratulating this year’s holiday to all miners and employees in the Macedonian mining industry.

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