StopKorona! – New Mobile App For Tracing Exposure To COVID-19 Donation From Nextsense To The Ministry Of Health

As a company leader in digital transformation with a highly demonstrated sense for social responsibility, Nextsense employed its technical expertise in the development of the mobile app for the detection of COVID-19 transmission and donated it to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of North Macedonia. StopKorona! enables the health care authorities to faster identify and break the chain of transmission of Coronavirus. The app is developed in consultations with and support from the Ministry of Information Society and Administration of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Developed based on the best global practices for the prevention from Coronavirus, the mobile application acts as a personal log tool for tracing user’s exposure with other persons nearby by the detection of the distance between mobile devices/applications, using Bluetooth technology. Users have full control over their privacy and share their data only with their explicit consent. The app does not collect data about users’ locations.

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