TAV Macedonia Deployed Its Resources For Uninterrupted Handling Of Humanitarian And Cargo Flights

Although both Skopje International Airport and Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport are closed for commercial passengers flights by the Government, in order to prevent spreading of Coronavirus in the country, TAV Macedonia has deployed its resources for uninterrupted and successful handling of the repatriation flights, state and humanitarian flights, as well as the cargo flights at Skopje International Airport, as very important part of the supply chain system of the local economy.

With its regular ground handling services at Skopje Airport, TAV Macedonia is tirelessly serving the humanitarian flights organized by the state, by practicing intensified preventive hygienic measures, in order to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Since the appearance of this health threat on the Macedonian soil, TAV Macedonia has been taking additional hygienic measures within its airports, in order to decrease the risk of spreading the disease, as well as to create atmosphere in which its employees and its passengers will feel safer.

The airports’ premises are being disinfected 3 times per day, especially the points where the passengers stay longer, while hand sanitizers are placed on several key points.  

Despite the fact that the main business of TAV has been stopped – the commercial flights, with all the above mentioned activities, the airport operator has showed its social responsibility and its readiness to support the state efforts in sustaining the health system without any breakdown.

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