Telekom Brings Skopje Closer To Becoming A Smart City

Improving the efficiency and the sustainability of the city, Telekom announces the finalization of the project Smart City Skopje, bringing the capital one step closer to becoming a smart city with reduced CO2 emissions, better services, more efficient use of resources, safer streets, and better communication with its citizens, contributing to a better environment and an overall improved lifestyle.

Offering great opportunities, Telekom has designed a sophisticated and integrated platform which will connect all applications and functionalities needed for a smart city. Some of the elements that are already part of this platform are 10 000 smart lights and smart lighting system, smart parking sensors, sensor stations for monitoring microclimate parameters, water measurement devices, an interactive mobile application, and smart network infrastructure.

In addition, this project envisages building an interactive mobile application called “Moe Skopje”, which will serve as an innovative, informative, and interactive channel for communication with the citizens of Skopje.

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