The Red Cross Of City Skopje In Cooperation With Pivara Skopje Is Forming Mobile Teams To Support Vulnerable Categories Of Citizens

As of tomorrow (Wednesday, March 18th 2020), the Red Cross of City Skopje in cooperation with Pivara Skopje is initiating the realization of an activity aimed at providing logistics support to vulnerable target groups on the territory of City Skopje. A total of 10 mobile teams will be operating on five different locations in the city and an additional team for homeless people will be working in Momin Potok.

The mobile teams will be working every workday, from 08:30 am to 12:30 pm and will be assigned to procure the necessary medicines, food products and means for personal hygiene and deliver them to the homes of elderly, helpless persons living alone, chronically ill, families with persons with special needs, single parents and other citizens of Skopje who belong to vulnerable categories.

The aim of this activity is to offer support to the persons who need it most in order for them not to leave their homes and thus reduce the risk of infections with COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

The mobile teams will be comprised of two persons from the Disaster Action Team, one member of the logistics team and one paramedic to offer medical assistance in case it is needed. The service the mobile teams will be providing will be free of charge and citizens can provide the funding only for the products or medicines that should be procured. The costs for the functioning of the mobile teams will be covered by Pivara Skopje, the City Skopje and the municipalities within it.

Citizens can use the following phone numbers to call the mobile teams, in accordance with the area of residence:

  • Red Cross Centar:  070/297-166
  • Red Cross Kisela Voda:  070/379-456
  • Red Cross Chair:  070/208-383
  • Red Cross Karposh:  070/226-136
  • Red Cross Gazi Baba:   071/243-078
  • Homeless people team: 02/3096-227

Additionally, as of tomorrow two SOS phone lines of the Red Cross of City Skopje will start functioning. These phone lines will be available to citizens every day from 09:00 to 13:00 and will provide them with psychosocial support so as to offer them counseling to better manage the stress caused by the current situation. Elderly and helpless persons in need of psychosocial support can call: 075/352-246, while the telephone number available for other citizens is: 071/379-119.

These activities are coordinated and supported by the Mayor of City Skopje and the mayors of the respective Skopje municipalities.

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