Vitaminka Provides E-Learning Platform For Children Of Employees

In order to support employees who have children enrolled in online education, Vitaminka provided premium packages (subscriptions) for access to – the first and most advanced educational platform in the country. By accessing this platform, employee’s children who attend distance learning, will receive additional education and an opportunity to improve the acquired knowledge as a way to replace private lessons with a tutor.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the focus of Vitaminka’s management has been to protect employees and their families. In addition to other activities and steps taken, especially in this period, the reason for providing the JetMinds platform as an aid to parents and children was because of the company’s understanding about the challenges that parents and children face in implementing and maintaining a continuous educational process. offers high quality supplementary education for elementary and high school students. It is a useful tool for students, but also for parents, especially for families with both parents employed.

Vitaminka is a company that continuously cares for its employees and their families, especially during the health crisis, enabling ways to reorganize the work process in order to provide safe working conditions.

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