Alkaloid Have Donated 170.000 Euros For The General Hospital Kavadarci

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In the course of 2019 and 2020, Alkaloid AD Skopje made a donation to the “General Hospital with extended activity – Kavadarci” in total amount of around 10.5 million MK denars (170,000 Euros), completely furnishing the “Internal department for women’s diseases” of this public health institution.

The area of over 350m2, which stood unfinished for nearly three decades, today officially and formally was put in use, by strictly respecting all health protocols and protective measures by the Minister of Health , Prof. Dr. Venko Filipce, General Director and Chairman of the Management Board of “Alkaloid ” Mr. Zhivko Mukaetov and the director of the hospital, Dr. Dime Kocev.

The Director of PHI “General Hospital with extended activity – Kavadarci” Dr. Dime Kocev expressed his gratitude for the donation and speaking in his personal name and on the behalf of all people of Kavadarci, noted: “In the Department, which has been constructed by using the latest building materials and equipped with modern medical and technical interior, we will provide a wonderful ambience for accommodation of our patients and their better hospital treatment.”

The Director General of “Alkaloid”, Mr. Zivko Mukaetov said that this donation of the company was conducted under the auspices of the “Trajce Mukaetov” Foundation, established in honor of the founder of modern “Alkaloid”, who started his life path exactly from Kavadarci. “Although the occasion for today’s visit is the opening of only one section of the hospital, which is an exceptional example of the functioning of public health, we as a company will continue with our support here, in Kavadarci” – said Mukaetov.

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