Amending the Law for Donations and Sponsorships

The Donations & Sponsorships Taskforce met on May 17, 2022.

The purpose of the meeting was to inform the Taskforce members about the beginning of the process for preparation of the Draft Law on Amending the Law on Donations and Sponsorships in Public Activities. In April, the first constitutive meeting of the working group formed within the Ministry of Justice was held, whose task is to prepare a draft version of the Law. The working group includes representatives of the public institutions (ministries), non-profit organizations, and civil society, as well as the American Chamber of Commerce in North Macedonia (AmCham) as the only participant from the private sector.

Furthermore, the members of the Taskforce agreed that they will submit comments and remarks regarding the challenges they identify when implementing the current Law, as well as their suggestions and proposals for improving the framework. Accordingly, the Executive Office of AmCham will summarize all suggestions and comments and submit them to the members of the working body, after which a new meeting will be organized to review them, in order to harmonize the views with all stakeholders.

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