Position Paper: Draft Labor Relations Law

The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy has recently launched public debates as part of the overall consultation process regarding the new Labor Relations Law.

The Law is a positive step towards bringing national legislation closer to European Union legislation and good practices on the labor market.

The Labor Relations Task Force has prepared a position paper where we share our recommendations on the draft law to ensure that the final text provides a proportionate implementation of the provisions. The recommendations include:

  • It is important to retain certain legal solutions from the current Labor Relations Law since they have proved effective in the past years of practical application.
  • Simplifying and defining the provisions to reduce uncertainty and inefficiency in future procedures and interpretations.
  • Ensure greater equality between employers and employees in their contractual relations.
  • Anticipating the future conditions and requirements of the labor market.

The position paper has been prepared based on comments received from members and the Task Force meeting.

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