Healthcare Advocacy Win: Adoption of the Rulebook for the Positive List of Medicines & Introduction of MEAs

The rulebook for a positive list of medicines has finally been adopted after three years of delays, representing a significant step in the endeavors to resolve the deadlock related to the positive list of medicines.

In addition, driven by positive practices from developed countries and Committee’s urging for their introduction over the last period, managed entry agreements have been introduced into the legal framework in the country with the latest amendments to the Medicines and Medical Devices Law and the Health Insurance Law. The critical importance of these agreements arises from the fact that they may greatly contribute to improving access to medicines by facilitating public procurement procedures.

Within the first 18 months since it was established, the Healthcare Committee has positioned itself as a reliable and constructive partner of the healthcare system, decisively contributing to the accomplishment of both regulatory activities. The success of the Committee is attributed to regular meetings, six position papers published, and consistent efforts to ensure commitment from public institutions and cross-sector collaboration, rounded off by organizing the first AmCham healthcare conference.

However, there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure functional and well-defined processes for regularly and transparently updating the positive list. Together with the various stakeholders, the Committee will continue efforts to finalize this process, benefiting the entire health system and patients, remaining focused on the next crucial step: the establishment of the Expert Commission that determines the proposal for the positive list of medicines.

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