Drafting Proposals for the Law on Donations and Sponsorships in Public Activities

The Donations & Sponsorships Taskforce met on May 17, 2022, and June 22, 2022.

During the two meetings, AmCham Donations & Sponsorship Taskforce representatives reconciled their views on the proposals to improve the Law on donations and sponsorships.

The Task Force’s proposals seek to create a more efficient system regarding donations and sponsorships in our country. The ultimate goal is to create conditions to boost corporate sector engagement in donations and sponsorships activities.

Task Force recommendations are focused on optimizing the procedure for confirmation of whether or not a donation or sponsorship has been used for an activity that is of public interest, entirely modifying the process for VAT reimbursement, and introducing effective tax incentives for the profit tax.

The proposals will be submitted and presented to the working group established by the Ministry of Justice, whose task is to prepare the amendments to the Law.

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