Healthcare Task Force’s Strategic Approach toward Priority Issues

The AmCham Healthcare Task Force held its meeting on March 24, 2022. 

The Task Force upholds that the positive list of medicine should remain the highest priority. 

Working on the strategic approach for the positive list of medicines and considering the importance of stakeholder analysis, members have identified the stakeholders and categorized them based on their power of influence over and interest in the positive list of medicines. 

Driven by the importance of evidence-based public policymaking, the members discussed the necessity and possibilities for ensuring evidence through conducting analysis related to the current state of the healthcare sector. During the meeting, a presentation from a third party was given. They presented a case study from neighboring countries expounding on how, based on analysis findings, attention by the public sector was paid to particular issues in the healthcare sector. Based on the discussion in this regard, members agreed to begin with the activities for conducting an analysis related to the healthcare sector in the country. Also, members agreed that ensuring commitment from the Government and the Ministry of Health as final beneficiaries of the analysis is crucial for the success of the entire activity.

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