Leadership Renewed: New Chairs Elected and Strategic Priorities Defined in Committee Meeting

The Healthcare Committee held its meeting on December 21st , 2023.

The first topic on the meeting agenda was the election of a Committee Chair and Vice-Chair. Ms. Valentina Mitrova from Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) was elected as the new Committee Chair, while Ms. Vesna Popova from Zegin was elected Vice-Chair of the Committee.

The next agenda item involved defining the strategic priorities of the Committee. Primarily, the Committee revised its ultimate goal. Hence, future endeavors will be centered on the development of a functional and sustainable healthcare system and services through active partnerships for the enhancement of public health policies based on evidence. The Committee agreed on four strategic areas: access to healthcare services, digitalization, financing, and a regulatory framework. The main priority remains the implementation and continued advancement of the process for updating the positive list of medicines. But also, particular emphasis in the upcoming period would be given to the reform of financing the healthcare sector.

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