Meeting With The Central Registry

On September 24th, we had the pleasure of meeting with the Central Registry of the Republic of North Macedonia, under the common commitment to create a better business environment in our country.

With the aim of enhancing the cooperation between the public institutions and the business sector, this meeting represents the stepping stone for building a long-term partnership. Both parties agreed to hold a series of regular working sessions in order to address the needs of businesses and provide clarification on matters of their utmost concern.

The meeting was attended by AmCham’s Executive Director Ms. Jelena Arsovska, and representatives of AmCham’s Law Making and Implementation Committee (Chairperson Tatjana Shishkovska, Vice-Chairperson Ivana Jevtic, and Ms. Nikica Kusinikova) and the Director of the Central Registry Ms. Marija Bosjkovska Jankovski along with two representatives of the marketing and administration department of the Central Registry.

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