Partnership 4 Giving – Strategic, Inclusive & Facilitated Corporate Philanthropy Project

Emphasizing the importance of strong collaboration, Association Konekt and AmCham North Macedonia opted to address the need for collective action that will provide positive effect and develop sustainable perspectives for corporate philanthropy.  

Partnership for Giving Project (P4G) represents a project lead by Association Konekt, an AmCham member, that aims to increase engagement between community stakeholders through identification of needs and improvement of the nationally available infrastructure for philanthropy at all levels of the society.  

The P4G project will support the building of a four-layered functional ecosystem including adaptation of the legal framework towards more rewarding decision, as well as technical framework for easier and legally compliant. In support of these goals, the project will establish an informational framework to provide easy access to information about local initiatives and a framework that will assist companies and private donors to develop philanthropic strategies and plans to implement them. 

P4G is a multi-faceted collaboration with AmCham North Macedonia, the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia (ECNWM), the European Center for Non-Profit Law (ECNL) and Indigo.  

AmCham as a strategic partner in the project, is engaged in three major areas: as part of the Working Group by the Ministry of Justice to prepare the amendments to the Law on Sponsorships and Donations; needs assessment of the local business sector regarding strategic corporate social responsibility and strategic corporate philanthropy; and sharing positive stories of member companies as role models to the business community. 

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