Unlocking the Reimbursement Process

*The Position Paper on the Rulebook on Positive List of Medicines can be found at the bottom of this page.

Healthcare Task Force is one step closer to accomplishing its ultimate goal of unlocking the reimbursement process in the country as one of the critical aspects of the endeavors to enhance access to medicines. 

Public consultations regarding the Rulebook on the Positive List of medicines covered by the Health Insurance Fund is a breakthrough. The adoption of this Rulebook represents an essential prerequisite for establishing a system of regularly updating the Positive List of Medicines in a transparent manner. In order to ensure conformity to the Rulebook and the smooth, practical application of the regulations set forth, the AmCham Healthcare Task Force, delivered the following key recommendations: 

  • Refinement of the procedure for including medicine on the Positive List emphasizing the importance of defining deadlines for each step of the decision-making process.
  • The criteria for including medicine on the Positive List must be carefully and clearly defined to be applicable in practice, especially the criterion for the preparation of pharmacoeconomic analyzes.
  • Introduction of a responsibility to update the Positive List on an annual basis at a minimum
  • Harmonization and consistency of the overall legal framework to provide a modern and comprehensive regulatory environment, highlighting the Law on Public Procurement
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