Corporate Governance and ESG Workshop by PwC Academy and Macedonian Stock Exchange

AmCham members PwC Academy and Macedonian Stock Exchange (MSE) will jointly organize a workshop on practical implementation of the Corporate Governance Code, ESG Standards and ESG Reporting Guide of the MSE, on May 11 & 12, 2022.

During the two-day workshop, companies will have the opportunity to detect the problem areas in terms of implementation, reporting and monitoring, with the support of eminent experts from various fields and backgrounds, and ways to find the proper solutions. The focus on the workshop will be on topics such as the meaning of the ESG implementation, ESG Strategy & Report, Sustainability Tools, Corporate Financial Reporting Framework, etc.

The workshop is primarily intended for listed companies on the MSE but at the same time, it is opened for businesses that strive to improve their corporate operations, through implementing the newest ESG and good corporate governance trends.

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