Gjirafa is one of the fastest growing tech companies in Central Europe, on a mission to build the Internet economy in the region. Gjirafa’s ecosystem

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Farma Trejd

Farma Trejd is a Macedonian company established in 2000. The company shares the vision for goals achievement by continuous following of the trends in the

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Founded in 1975, Microsoft (NASDAQ “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in developing software, services and solutions that empower every person and every organization on the

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Dauti Komerc

“Dauti- Komerc” as a company was founded in 1990, by the DAUTI brothers. Since its beginnings, the main and base activity has been the distribution

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Van Hool

Van Hool began as a family business that produced buses, luxury coaches, and industrial vehicles when it was established in Belgium in 1947. Today, its

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Telamon Evropa

Telamon, one of the largest private enterprises in Indiana, operates internationally in 48 states throughout the country and on three different continents. The company, whose

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Nelt ST

Nelt ST is part of Nelt Group, an organizational system with 4,000 employees, in 12 companies on the territory of North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia

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Tinex is one of the major retail chains of supermarkets in North Macedonia, which for more than 25 years strives to offer its customers, the

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