Comments On the National Strategy For ICT

AmCham Digital Transformation Committee submitted comments on the National ICT Strategy 2021 -2025 and its Action Plan to the Ministry of Information and Society Administration. AmCham stressed the profound importance of sound establishing of the Digital Agency for successful completion of the digital transformation processes. A clear and precise definition of the management structure of the Agency has been highlighted as a cornerstone for its independent operational functioning at the highest level and smoothly upgrading and improving the decision-making and management processes in the ICT sector.

Furthermore, AmCham noted the necessity of comprehensive and centralized coordination of activities from the highest level because successful completion of these processes is dependable on the involvement of a greater number of institutions.

AmCham welcomed the initiative and endeavors for creating a strategic document for modeling the digital transformation and affirmed our willingness to be a constructive partner in this process.

The English Version or Macedonian Version of the Draft Proposal Strategy is available for download.

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